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Northwood Hills Care Center resident wins Christmas card contest

Jessie Holtzclaw

Jessie Holtzclaw, a resident at Northwood Hills Care Center in Humansville, Missouri, recently had her artwork featured on a Christmas card.

Each year, parent company Life Care Centers of America invites residents in more than 200 nursing and rehab facilities to submit Christmas card designs, and one piece is chosen for each geographical division....

Northwood Hills Care Center’s therapy helps man with Alzheimer’s think

Dale Lovelace with Karen Williams, director of rehab services and speech therapist

Many people believe that when Alzheimer’s disease hits, there is nothing to be done to help their loved ones think clearly again.

However, cognitive-communication treatment can often maximize an individual’s quality of life and communication success. This was the case for Dale Lovelace, who came to Northwood Hills Care Center in Humansville, Missouri, on June 10, 2016.